Friday, October 14, 2011



H-ave you missed me today ?
I- miss you everyday

Girls wish

- every lyrics, quote, movies always remind us of you
- when we send you some random lyrics, its our unspoken words
- we stay up all night long waiting for you get online with a hope to talk to you even only a while
- every goodbye hurts even we know we'll meet you again tomorrow
- we love to see your smile even we're not the reason for your smile
- how many tears and pains we bear to understand you
- we also a human being who have feelings, don't treat us as a toy that you can play and throw when you get bored
- once we say " i love you " we really meant it, even we rarely say it
- treat us with respect, as we treat you the same way
- for us hugs mean a lot more than kisses
- perhaps we keep asking you about single little things, it's because we worry about you
- lend us your shoulder to lean when we're sad
- kindly wipe our tears with your gentle hands, hug us and tell us "everything will be alright"
- listen to our problems, even you may not find a solution. we just need someone, there, listen to us. it will mean more than enough
- don't ignore us, cause it really break our hearts
- we love the way you give us forehead kiss and whisper goodnight
- we love wear your shirts / jackets, because there left your smell and we feel protected
- we love how you pat our hair
- we love when warp your arm around to shelter us from rain
- ask whether how our day today, sleep well, be careful and other small cares mean a lot to us
- when we're out with your friends, treat us the same way when only both of us
- welcome us back with a tight hug and ask how the holiday was
- love the way you tell silly jokes and draw a smile in my face
- we always smile whenever we saw your name pop up in our phone screen
- we find it adorable when you suddenly write us a small note
- we love how we fall asleep in your shoulder
- when you smile to us, it may mean small thing to you but it means the world for us
- we like when you tell us what you're thinking and ask us for some advice
- we love you with all our hearts

If you ask : Do I care ? I do
Do I love you ? I do
But, if you ask: Will I stay ? It depends on you

If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever ?
If I tell you I miss you, can we always be together ?